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Smoky Trout Farm  is a family fish farming venture started in 1998 by Dan and Max Menard (father and son), and of course Joey Menard (mom) who helps out a whole bunch too!  We are based in Red Deer and  specialize in pond stocking of Rainbow Trout throughout Alberta.  Our fish our raised in an intensive indoor recirculation facility that uses a series of filters (biological and mechanical)  to clean the water for reuse.  By filtering and reusing the water, our net usage is very low.  We don't use any chemicals or antibiotics in our facility and know that maintaining good water quality is the best way to maintain healthy fish.  

Rearing Tanks inside  " The Fish Barn "


Once the water leaves our facility is then filtered through a constructed wetland to naturally  absorb the nutrients.  We had cattails that were 6 feet tall this year! 

Max standing beside the Constructed Wetland


The fish farming business is seasonal, mostly growing stock over the fall and winter, and moving it out in spring and summer.  We do have fish in the facility year round which makes it a 24 - 7 - 365 affair!


Dan getting things ready for a November 2003 delivery 


 The half ton just wasn't able to haul enough weight so once the lease was up in December 2003, we moved up in size to a one ton with a flat deck, finally!!!!


 Max on a delivery, spring 2004

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