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Smoky Trout Farm remains open for business despite the large disruption that COVID-19 is having across our economy. 


As a farm, we anticipate that Smoky Trout Farm will be designated an essential service and continue to be an active part of Alberta’s economy. We will continue to supply live trout into the private and public stocking market, including for conservation efforts across the province.


Continued operation also ensures our fish will receive proper husbandry and support as they progress through their life cycle. As livestock, it is important that our rainbow trout and brown trout move from our sustainable operations and on to the natural ecosystems where they will further grow and thrive. 


Biosecurity and Social Distance

We’ve operated a biosecure facility for many years. We have staunch processes already in place limiting the number of people in our facility by insisting on appointments, mandatory cleaning stations for feet and consistent hand washing.


We are extending these processes to our retail operations for both on-site pickups and deliveries. 


When you visit us to pick up fish or product:

  • We will only accept booked appointments every 30 minutes. 

  • Please be on time and do not enter the store until your scheduled appointment time. 

  • People arriving without an appointment will be asked to leave.

  • Only one customer in the shop or loading area at a time. If you have more than one person in your group, additional people will be asked to wait outside and away from the loading area.

  • To maintain distancing customers are asked to set up their hauling containers and then move back and just observe as our team loads fish into your transport setup.

  • People without appointments will be turned away.


Our commitments to keep our customers and staff safe during your visit:

  • Point of Sale machine, surfaces at customer service station and door handles will be properly wiped with disinfectant between appointments.

  • Washrooms will be disinfected after use.

  • Staff will be using disposable gloves that are changed between visits and increasing overall hand washing frequency.

  • We will maintain social distancing.


For deliveries:

  • No handshakes.

  • Our team will maintain social distancing of 6 feet on your site.

  • We'll load thetrout into your pond.


At your request will arrange for fully contactless delivery:

  • Set up the time.

  • Have good directions.

  • Make sure the gate is unlocked, or access is pre-arranged.

  • We’ll load your trout into your pond.

  • We’ll email/text you an image of trout going in.

Download the full Smoky Trout Farm COVID-19 Policy

Smoky Trout COVID-19 Policy


... is better than most good days doing just about anything else.

For more than 20 years Smoky Trout Farm has been helping Albertans have great days on their ponds and lakes by supplying Rainbow trout to private waters throughout the province.


Smoky Trout Farm Limited can help you develop your pond or lake into a first class fishery. Not only do we supply beautiful Rainbow trout but we specialize in helping Canadians manage the water quality of their lakes and ponds. Visit our products page to learn how we can help you make the most of your water body.

We have a good supply of rainbow and brown trout for the 2020 stocking season. CLICK HERE for more details and to order fish for spring 2020.

We see clients by appointment only. We are closed for lunch. If you visit us without an appointment or over the lunch hour there may not be anyone available to serve you. Please CONTACT US or BOOK ONLINE to schedule an appointment.

We do not offer tours of our facility.

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