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Restoring a natural balance.

Bacteria occur naturally everywhere and they are the base of the food chain. Bacteria convert nutrient material through consumption as they grow and multiply. Then, other aquatic organisms, such as insects, feed on the bacteria which in turn become food for fish, birds and other animals.

Different strains of bacteria can reduce muck, improve water clarity or reduce the levels nitrogen and phosphorus that are available for plant and weed growth. Adding additional specially cultured strains of bacteria can greatly improve the water quality of a pond or lake. The bacteria outcompete algae and plants for the available nutrients in the water column while enhancing the natural decomposition process.

Enzymes are organic proteins that act as catalysts in specific chemical reactions. Enzymes enhance chemical reactions without being consumed in the process. Adding the right enzymes can improve the decomposition process and improve the efficiency of the beneficial bacteria in the water.

Choosing the right bioaugmentation product is essential to ensuring the effectiveness of the product. We have found that many pond and wastewater management challenges that require bioaugmentation solutions can be solved with a clear understanding of the observed problems but sometimes water testing can be valuable. When speaking with you, our team will work to thoroughly understand your situation and may suggest water testing if we believe it would be beneficial in your situation.

Smoky Trout Farm carries a broad range of bioaugmentation products. Contact us todayand one of our Water Quality Specialists can help you determine which one is right for your pond.



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