If you want to grow up big and strong you need a healthy diet.

How would you like to catch a 22LB rainbow trout from your own pond? The images below are Smoky Trout Farm trout that were stocked into our customer Richard's ponds. Richard's secret? He feeds them. He feeds them premium quality feed. He feeds them twice a day. Better manage your pond or lake and grow larger, healthier fish by using a high-quality feed combined with consistent feeding from a Moultrie Auto Feeder. Our feeders are solar powered which allows for simple placement anywhere you need them. Customize your feeding regime using the programmable digital timer for up to 6 daily feed times, and enjoy more efficient feeding with a directional shroud engineered for maximum broadcast distan

Fish kills, foul odours and algae blooms.

What does Stratification look like? The water in your pond naturally seeks thermal equilibrium via stratification. Stratification is seasonal. During summer, warmer water is on the surface, beneath it is the thermocline layer and below that, cooler water towards the bottom of your pond. Organic material collects on the bottom in a muck layer.The cool bottom often has low or no oxygen (called anaerobic) with high nutrient levels. Methane, hydrogen sulfide and ammonia are released as the muck decomposes in the absence of oxygen. A mixing of these layers, or turnover, occurs every spring and fall. High-Speed, High-Impact Change Stratification responsive to changes in temperature and sudden, sev

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