No Licence. No Fish. No Exceptions.

We can only sell rainbow trout to holders of a current Alberta Fish Culture Licence. With the recent discovery of whirling disease in Alberta it is more important than ever that fish only be stocked into bodies of water that are approved by the Alberta Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. In order to insure that anyone buying fish from us has a valid licence we must see the licence. You can either bring in a copy of your licence when you pick up your fish or you can send us an image of your licence prior to picking up your fish. The easiest way to accomplish this is by taking a photo of your licence with your cellular phone and EMAILING it to us. If we have not seen your Alberta Fish Cultur

Order your rainbow trout today

We have rainbow trout available for spring and fall pick up / delivery. If you have problems with bird predation or you want larger fish you should consider stocking your pond in the fall instead of in the spring. You can order by visiting the Our Fish page and clicking the Order Now button.

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