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Stock Your Pond with Top Quality Trout

There are many great reasons to stock trout in your Alberta pond:

  • Sport fishing for you, your family and friends

  • A reliable source of heart-healthy fish for your dinner table

  • Reduce freshwater shrimp and insect larvae clogging your irrigation intake screens

  • Fewer mosquitoes with active aeration (oxygen) system

  • Create a more balanced and healthy pond ecosystem

  • Actively manage clean water for livestock watering

  • Predatory bird watching

  • Potential increase in land resale value


Whatever your reason, Smoky Trout Farm has quality Rainbow, Brown, Brook and Tiger trout for you. Our fish are raised without hormones or antibiotics in a biosecure barn that is free of whirling disease. Our recirculation facility has a very low net water use, with higher water reuse rates than the vast majority of indoor fish farms in operation. Over 99.8% of our water is continually recirculated with only about 0.2% of new makeup water used on a net daily basis. You can be confident in the safety and sustainability of our trout and what you catch in your pond.


We pride ourselves on having a VERY HIGH repeat customer rate. Many of our customers pre-order fish for the following year when taking delivery or picking up their fish order.  


Our fish are sized by WEIGHT. Fish grown at different temperatures and feed rates will be different proportions. Our production is based on weight and that is the most consistent way to size our fish.

Alberta Fish Culture Licence

It's mandatory to have a provincial Fish Culture Licence.

You must have it before your pick up your fish.

It can't be ordered at the time of pick-up.

2023 Price List

Rainbow Trout

Classic, easy to grow and popular for good reason. Our Rainbow Trout orders come with a 5% bonus top-up on every order of over 100 fish.

Small Rainbow Trout are easy to transport, great for populating your pond, and can achieve good growth rates with supplementary feeding.

Mid-size Rainbow Trout are available in both stocking seasons, give you a head start on size, and can surprise you with growth gains.

Large 10- 12" and 12"+ Rainbows must be ordered in the spring. We need a full summer of fish husbandry in the barn to achieve size and weight.

4-6" Rainbows $2.65ea   (spring)
5-7" Rainbows $3.35ea   (spring)
6-8" Rainbows $3.95ea  (spring and fall)
7-9" Rainbows $4.95ea  (spring and fall)
8-10" Rainbows $5.95ea  (spring and fall) - limited spring quantities
10-12"+ Rainbows $7.25ea  (fall)
12-14"+ Rainbows $8.25 per LB  (fall) 1LB Avg weight


Brook Trout

We  love our Brookies.


8-10" Brook Trout $6.95ea  (spring)
10-12" Brook Trout $8.25ea  (spring - limited quantities)
4-6" Brook Trout $3.65ea   (fall)
5-7" Brook Trout $4.35ea   (fall)

6-8" Brook Trout $4.95ea   (fall)

8-10" Brook Trout $6.95ea  (spring)
10-12" Brook Trout $8.25ea  (spring - limited quantities)


Tiger Trout

Fun to catch and need a little bit more love than other species. Here are some things for you to consider:

  • In the first year of growth, Tiger Trout require consistent feed and we strongly recommend that you purchase fish feed to ensure that you see weight gains in your Tiger Trout.

  • Alberta Environment and Parks has noticed that ponds stocked with Tiger Trout as the dominant, or most plentiful, species population do not do well for longevity. Please discuss your stocking plans with us so we can help you make the most of your Tiger Trout.

Tigers (Limit 50 fish per customer)
6-8" Tiger Trout $5.95ea  (spring)
7-9" Tiger Trout $6.95ea  (spring)
8-10" Tiger Trout $7.95ea  (spring)
4-6" Tiger Trout $4.65ea  (fall)
5-7" Tiger Trout $5.35ea  (fall)

Brown Trout

Due to the scarcity of eggs, we are sold out of Brown Trout for 2023.

You can choose to


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