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A private pond or lake means different things to different people. For some it is a place for quiet alone time. For others it is about gathering friends and family together. Whatever your pond means to you, it should be clean and healthy. Green soupy water and foul odours are not enjoyable for anyone.

Smoky Trout Farm can give you the advice and products you need to make your pond or lake the clean, healthy and more enjoyable. A well managed pond is not only more pleasant it is also healthier for everyone and everything that uses it, from kids and pets to wildlife and livestock. If you stock fish good water quality can allow you to winter your fish allowing them to grow bigger. We can help you beautify your pond or lake.

Smoky Trout Farm carries a broad range of products to help you improve your water quality.

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The single best thing you can do to improve your water quality is to manage oxygen levels through aeration. Oxygen is a critical component to keeping ponds, lakes and other managed water supplies healthy and clean.


Nutrients in pond and lake water can trigger nuisance algae growth, cause bad odours, reduce water clarity and lead to a buildup of organic sediment (muck). Bioaugmentation is the use of specifically cultured products, containing beneficial bacteria and/or enzymes, to lower these nutrient levels in pond and lake water.


Ultrasonic algae control eliminates your algae problems by using an ultrasonic technology that kills existing algae and controls future growth. A submerged ultrasonic transducer is programmed to generate the precise frequency of ultrasonic waves that destroys algae’s cellular functioning and structure.


Smoky Trout Farm carries a full range of other products to help you keep your pond beautiful and healthy. From aquatic dyes to weed removal tools we have everything you need to maintain your pond.

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Surface Boil from Bottom DIffused Aeration

Bottom diffused aeration creates a tell tale surface boil.