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Off grid aeration: The wind doesn't always blow, but you can be reasonably confident that the su

If you're considering a windmill to aerate your pond you might want to reconsider. While a wind powered aeration system is an option for a pond that is "off grid" it does have some disadvantages:

  • The wind doesn't always blow during the longest hottest days of July and August which is when aeration is most important.

  • When the wind is blowing it the surface action naturally aerates the water so the aeration system is working when it is least needed.

  • Maintenance is challenging, requiring the removal of the cumbersome, heavy head.

  • Complex assemble, usually requiring multiple people.

Smoky Trout Farm's STF-250 Solar Direct Aeration System is a cost effective, low maintenance solution to keep your pond, and fish, healthy.

The STF-250 Solar Direct Aeration System is battery free – eliminating the extra cost and maintenance issues of a battery backup system and is so efficient that it works on overcast days.

The STF-250 Solar Direct Aeration System comes with everything you need to get started aerating your pond today:

Compressor Station

  • 1.2CFM Brushless Diaphragm Compressor with Regulating Voltage Controller

  • Full fitting kit (Pressure Release Valve, Pressure Gauge, Foot Valve, High Heat Patch Hose)

  • Fan Cooled Rust Proof Aluminum Cabinet

High Efficiency Vertex Self Cleaning XL1 Diffuser

260Watt Solar Panel

  • Set of 4 Z-feet for mounting Solar Panel

50’ of Self Weighted Tubing

Price: $1995.00

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