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  • Raymond Menard

We have a limited number of rainbow trout available for stocking

As we have mentioned in our previous communications, whirling disease has had a major impact on the number of trout available for stocking this year. Our customers have been incredibly understanding about the situation and all agreed to take smaller numbers of fish in order to insure that there were enough fish for everyone who wanted some to get at least a few. We cannot express how grateful we are for this.

Recently, the government suspended a number of Recreation Fish Culture Licences across the province in order to try and contain the further spread of whirling disease. Unfortunately a number of our customers, who had ordered fish, were impacted by these suspensions.

As a result it does mean that we do have some extra trout available for purchase.

If you already picked up fish and would like some more contact us to arrange it. In recognition of the fact that you have already been here once this year, we will waive the bagging fee if you make a second trip to pick up more fish.

If you haven’t yet bought fish this year and would like some, let us know ASAP as they will not last long. If you have never hauled fish before you can find out about what you need to do it here.

Many thanks,

The Menards

Smoky Trout Farm Ltd.

PS - You can stay current on the status of whirling disease in Alberta here.

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